St. Govan's Chapel

St. Govan's Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Gorgeous little (tiny, wee, itty-bitty) chapel set into the side of a cliff in Pembrokeshire, Wales near the village of Bosherston. The chapel is thought to be built in the 13th century although parts of it may date from as early as the 6th century as this is the time in which St. Govan lived, purportedly in a cave near where the chapel now stands.

Top Reasons to go:


It's FREE!


Breathtaking views


Magical history


The sea air!

If the breathtaking scenery isn't enough for you then here's a few of the myths and legends that surround this beautiful place. Some believe that St. Govan was actualy Sir Gwaine one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round table. Still not convinced? Well, supposedly St. Govan was pursued by pirates (likely because he was known to warn the locals about....pirates!). It is said that when the pirates came for him, God opened up a fissure in the rock and hid St. Govan inside until the pirates fled. They say you can still see his hand prints and the shape of his skull within the rock. The legend goes on to say that if you can turn yourself around fully inside the fissure then your dearest wish will be granted. Stunning landscapes, Arthurian legend, pirates and wishes come true still not sold you? Another story says if you count the steps that lead down to the chapel you'll not get the same number twice. At the very least it will give the kids something to do until you figure out how to get yourself out from stuck inside the rock!

St. Govan's Chapel info
St. Govan's Chapel info

A picture of the information sign at the site.

Chapel Interior
Chapel Interior

It truly is very very tiny inside.

Making A Wish
Making A Wish

Yes, I did manage to turn myself all the way around in the fissure, and yes my wish did come true!

St. Govan's Chapel info
St. Govan's Chapel info

A picture of the information sign at the site.


Hours of Operation & Fees

Open Year Round (although it is near a MOD firing range which occasionally closes of access). Check to see which days are Red Flag days.


FREE Entrance


FREE Parking


Who could ask for more?

Pembroke Castle is near here and well worth a visit.

The small chapel is located on the side of a very steep cliff with small rough steps leading down to it. In wet weather the steps can be rough. It may not be ideal for very young children.

Bring a picnic and enjoy the view!


If you can mountain goat your way to the bottom the view looking up is much more impressive.

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St. Govan's Chapel

St. Govan's Head
Bosherston SA71 5DR,

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