The Original Ghostbus Tour Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Something sinister is lurking on the streets of Dublin. Are you brave enough to go along for the ride?

What can I say about this tour. It was the first Ghostbus tour I have ever been on. At first I thought the price might be a little steep but as the tour got rolling I could tell I was definitely in for a wild ride. The bus itself is fully decked out to look like you are in some sort of haunted house and as you board there is a sense that something might jump out and attack you at any moment.  People nervously make there way upstairs and look for a "safe" place to sit.  Nervous giggles abound.  The guide is incredible and plays the part of a charmingly creepy sort of mad scientist character. He had us all in fits of laughter and occasional hiding behind seats/other guests the entire night.  The tour itself goes to several locations through out Dublin, most notably Dublin Castle (I was told by another guest that they had visited Dublin Castle earlier that day and had to pay extra to be admitted to the underground section that the Ghostbus Tour takes you on. So there you are, saved you a couple of Euros, do the ghostbus first!).  There are a few spots where you are allowed to get out and walk around, like a haunted abandoned church and graveyard. If I had to guess I'd say about 50% of the tour is spent on the bus stopping outside of locations and hearing spooky tales from the guide and about 50% walking around locations hearing more spooky tales from the fabulous guide.

I love horror movies and scary novels, but I'm not the sort of person who likes to be jumped out at. I survived this tour with no issues. There were moments of AAAA what's going to happen now?!? Mainly the tour was just a brilliant night out and hysterical with a tinge of morbid, entertainment.  Enjoy!

Hours of Operation & Fees

Fee - €28 (but so worth it)

Check their website in the link below as rates may vary.


Tour Duration

Approximately 2 hours.


Departure Times

Monday to Thursday 8pm

Friday and Saturday 8pm & 9pm

The tour does not operate on a Sunday.

Just prior to the tour  I went to a great pub just down the way called Celtic Nights. Fantastic food and service, more on that later.

This is definitely not for young children. Perhaps best suited to 14 years and up.

May not be the best for the faint of heart. Although saying that I love horror movies but I also watch them through my hands over my eyes, I had a brilliant time on this tour. I was nervous but the guide was hilarious which broke the tension.


Also per their website:

  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

  • Tours is provided in English only.

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Should I take the kids?

What Else?

Ghostbus Dublin

Tour Departs at Dublin Bus Headquarters at: 59 Upper O'Connell Street
Dublin 1

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