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Doune, Sterling SCOTLAND

Can you hear the coconuts? I can.


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Amazing Castle


Terry Jones Audio tour


Outlander Location


Monty Python Location

Playing the role of almost every single castle in comedy work of genius Monty Python's Holy Grail is the humble yet formidable and rather charming Doune Castle. I was that certain that John Cleese was going to pop up over the castle wall and taunt me or at the very least launch a cow in my general direction. That feeling alone was worth a visit. But after paying a modest fee and being ushered inside by the friendly staff I was given an audio guide to help me make my way around the castle. This audio guide may very well be the Holy Grail of guides and is possibly only surpassed, as guides go, by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


I couldn't believe my luck when I heard the narrator introduce himself as Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame. How brilliant to have a comedic hero giving you a tour around the castle that certainly played a huge part in making one of the greatest films of all time. I was thoroughly enjoying listening to Mr. Jones' wit and wisdom and tales of Monty Python escapades that went on during filming, when at the next entry of an audio number produced a new guide's voice. I nearly fell to the floor in a heap when I heard Sam Heughan's sexy Scottish Accent telling me about a part of the castle used in the Outlander series (you should watch it, it's good). I have never in my life spent so much time wondering about the hearth of a castle ruin before. (I may have pushed to hear some of those narrations more than just the once.) Swoon!!


At any rate, it truly is a fantastic castle to visit, it doesn't take long to see (if you can stop yourself from pushing the narration buttons again and again), there's lots to see inside and out, the countryside around the castle is spectacular and it's well worth having a nice little poke about in the village of Doune after.


Oh, this castle was also used for a small little production known as Game of Thrones for certain scenes of Winterfell.

Doune Castle
Doune Castle

Doune Castle Built around 1400 by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany (c.1340–1420), the son of King Robert II of Scotland. Taken over by Monty Python in 1975.

clapper board
clapper board

Clapper board documenting the filming of Monty Python's Holy Grail. Doune Castle starred as virtually every single castle in the film.

castle grounds
castle grounds

Just outside the walls is the field in which they filmed the game of shinty played in 18th century Outlander scenes.

Doune Castle
Doune Castle

Doune Castle Built around 1400 by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany (c.1340–1420), the son of King Robert II of Scotland. Taken over by Monty Python in 1975.


Hours of Operation & Fees

Open 7 days a week

9:30 - 5:30


£6 Entrance


FREE Parking

(although car park lot is small, public toilets are located here as well)

The village of Doune is lovely and has a nice, but small selection of shops and pubs/cafes.

This is a great castle for families to visit. There's loads of room for exploring. The audio guide might not be suited to very young children, but only because they might fuss with the headset, but I imagine a parent could relay any facts of interest.

There are a few narrow spiral staircases, but all are well equipped with railings and the like.

Plan to visit early to avoid the tour buses full of Outlander and Monty Python fans that start arriving around mid morning. Unless you want to have a chat and share your experience with other fans.

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